Structural Engineering

We design building and non-building structures for gravity loads, lateral loads, live loads and other applicable loads based on the structure.  Centrix provides engineering for Cold Formed Metal (CFM) framing, Wood framing, Heavy and Light Steel framing, Aluminum framing and Concrete structures.  Other structures include trusses, steel towers, steel stairs, dunnage support framing, mezzanine and platforms, skywalks, retaining walls, foundations, tilt-up concrete walls, cast-in place concrete walls and slabs.  Finite Element Modeling and Analysis using is employed based on requirement.

Strength Evaluation

Existing structures are evaluated per relevant design codes and standards to determine if the structure meets strength and serviceability requirements.  Any deficiency will be pointed out in the report and possible engineering remedies will be provided.  The evaluation will be based on existing structural drawings, visual inspection and field testing of structure.

Structural Stability Evaluation and Design

Most renovation projects require removal or replacement of existing structural supports, cutting openings in floors or walls, temporary support of structure during partial demolition, or general stabilization of structure due to run down conditions.  We provide quick and efficient solutions to stabilize the structure, provide safety for people using the facilities and protect property from construction debris.

Excavation Shoring and Sheet Piling Design

We provide engineered solutions to stabilize slopes, shore trenches for pipe installation, shore walls during excavations for manhole or boiler installation and stabilize adjacent property during construction.  All designs will meet OSHA requirements for personnel and site safety.  The soil data is to be provided by the client.

Construction Support Engineering

We support all phases of construction.  We can provide site safety plans, egress plans, site inspections for structural safety, and engineering for side walk sheds, pipe scaffolding, temporary shoring, material and personnel hoists, redesigns for site modifications, concrete forms, slab on metal deck shoring during pour, concrete wall opening block outs and reshoring during construction, work decks, outriggers, façade anchors, monorails etc.,.

 Shop and Fabrication Drawings

Steel shop drawings include connections design per AISC, steel erection drawings, fabrication drawings, connection details and bill of materials.  Concrete shop drawings include plan view of layout and detailed drawings showing anchorage, rebar location, size, splice details and development length per ACI.